I need plant-based athletes and a dietitian for a new book project for Plant-Based Performance. I want the focus of this book to be about gaining muscle & strength and losing fat on a plant-based diet. I need bodybuilders / physique athletes; powerlifters, strongmen, arm-wrestlers, etc. as well as a plant-based dietitian. If you were a contributor to the first Plant-Based Performance book and fit this bill you are welcome to contribute again, it'd be appreciated!

The theme of this book is focused on those who have gained strength and improved body composition while following a plant-based diet. 

Here's what I need: an article (around 5 pages would be awesome) about you and how this lifestyle has benefitted your training, improved your health etc. I want it to be more personalized as long as this topic is addressed. I would also need your favorite plant-based recipe, and a sample 1-week training plan that you follow. In addition any pictures you want in the article as well as a bio and bio pic for promotional purposes and any websites, blogs, etc. to promote your brand would be great.

100% of the book sales revenue will go to support an animal welfare organization (still TBD), just as the first book.

Deadline for article and picture submissions is September 30, 2014.

If you would like to be a part of this please email me at sshetler613@gmail.com. Please put "plant-based book" in the subject so I don't accidentally miss or lose track of your email.

You can check out the awesome contributors and what we did with the first plant-based performance book and how it is benefitting Mercy For Animals here: