Patrik Baboumian performing a 1214lb yoke carry!
Vegan strongman (YES you read that correctly) Patrik Baboumian set a world record in a feat of strength on Sunday, 9/8/13, by lifting-and carrying-a strongman yoke loaded with 550kg of weight (about 1214 lbs) a distance of 10 meters!

This feat was performed in front of a crowd of several hundred spectators at the Vegetarian Food Festival in Toronto.

Patrik is an animal lover who became vegetarian in 2006 and vegan in 2011, shortly after being named Germany's Strongest Man.

In a quote from thestar.com, Patrik states, "One day, I just thought, if you see a bird with a broken leg, you really have the urge to do something about it and help the bird, then at the same time you go to a restaurant and eat a chicken or something. It doesn't make any sense."

I wonder how man times Patrik gets this question?!?!
According to Patrik's website at www.patrikbaboumian.de, Patrik explains his reason for switching to a plant-based lifestyle, "When I started the vegetarian diet 2005 I knew little about the effect it would have on my performance and strength. The reasons for my decision where mainly based on my empathy for all kinds of non human animals and the mental conflict I felt, when consuming meat, which would mean that an animal would have to lose its live for my appetite. Expecting at least a slight inverse effect on my training performance I was amazed by the great gains in lean body-mass and strength I got with the meat-free diet."

And to answer the above question-his main protein sources are: soy milk, soy protein powder, tofu, nuts, and beans. In addition he eats a lot of carbohydrates to fuel his training (rice, potatoes, oats), and he eats a lot of fruit, greens, and vegetables, relying heavily on shakes and smoothies to make it easier to consume the necessary calories he needs for his level of size and strength.
Thanks for helping to destroy the stereotype that vegans are skinny, frail and weak-Patrik, Plant-Based Performance salutes you!

Recently I started putting together a book project containing articles and interviews with some of the top vegan athletes, trainers, and health and fitness professionals in the industry, in which 100% of the sales will go to benefitMercy For Animals, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies.

In just the first few weeks of networking with other plant-based professionals about this project, I have already received article and interview contributions from some of the top people in the industry including Dr. Ruth Heidrich who was the vegan Ironman triathlete featured in the documentary "Forks Over Knives"; vegan trainer and hormone optimization specialist Mike Mahler author of "Live Life Aggressively"; "The Plant-Based Dietitian" Julieanna Hever author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition", special consultant to the documentary "Forks Over Knives" and recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show; and the raw vegan bodybuilder and author of the book, "Raw Vegan: Nature's Path to Bodybuilding" Danny Dalton, who was also featured in the documentary "Raw Vegan Muscle".

Contributor Julieanna Hever's Media Reel

Contributor Danny Dalton: Raw Vegan Muscle

Contributor Dr. Ruth Heidrich Interview

In addition I have received outstanding contributions from ultra-runner Eric McCarty; top UK-based strength trainer Sabina Skala; Shaolin Kung Fu student Thomas Kreutzer; vegan endurance athlete "The Phytoathlete"; vegan athlete and trainer Amy Dumas; and have more contributions on the way from athletes, bodybuilders, and other health and fitness pros! The book is already nearly 50 pages and is going to be an amazing collection of works from some of the industry's best.

It's not too late to contribute if you would like to be a part of this project. All I need is an article on any topic you choose as long as it is related to plant-based nutrition as the goal of the book is to clear up the misconceptions of vegetarian and vegan diets and show that you can excel athletically and possess amazing health following a plant-based approach to nutrition.

If you would like an article featured in this book, email me ASAP at scott@extreme-fitness.org and be sure to put "MFA Vegan Book" in the subject line.

In addition, if you'd like to see how adopting a plant-based lifestyle helped me turn my health around check out my blog: How I Lost 40 lbs in 4 Months with 4 Simple Steps.

This project has been nothing but an absolute joy for me to coordinate as it has allowed me to really dive into what I feel my life's purpose is, and that is to help educate people on what true health is and help end the needless suffering of all sentient beings. It's been an absolute honor to collaborate with the amazing people who have contributed articles and interviews for this project and I am so happy at the potential this has to benefit Mercy For Animals, an organization who's mission I am behind 110%!

I will have more information posted soon, and I am hoping to have the book edited and ready for print in the next month or two, so stay tuned!

Yours in Abundant Health,

Scott Shetler