Today the Gwinnett Daily Post ran a feature, a real nice write up, on Plant-Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach to Health & Fitness.

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Vegan Strongman Patrik Baboumian posted this on his Facebook page the other day, I think it's a great message to share on Thanksgiving Day!

I hope you all have a happy, plant-based Thanksgiving!


Dear friends in the US,

In a few days you are going to celebrate Thanksgiving and if I may ask you for your attention I would like to make a suggestion this year.

Why don't use the opportunity and thank someone that has done labour for the whole human race for thousands of years.

Someone that has helped us as a species to come to where we are today.
Someone whose labour, tears, sweat and blood has been the price for our development as a society.

I'm not talking about Jesus Christ. I'm not even talking about a person.

I'm talking about the animals that we have used as our pets, as food, as our slaves on farms, as the victims of our scientific experimentation in laboratories, as clothing and even as subjects for our mere entertainment even if entertainment means just to kill them for sport for thousands of years. 

Without the suffering of all those animals, we would not be where we are now.

So isn't it time to give something back? I really think it is!

If you agree please consider giving the whole animal kingdom a holiday from slavery just for one month.

Go vegan for a month and give something back to those who we owe so much to.

Because animals do not have a voice to speak for themselves I'm asking you on their behalf.

Sincerely yours,
Patrik Baboumian

Image by Hendrik Thiele / PETA

A new undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals exposes horrible acts of cruelty occurring at a Tyson pig farm.

Please take a minute to sign this petition: Click here to sign petition.

Please share this petition with others, and THANK YOU for your support!

-Plant-Based Performance

My deepest and sincerest THANKS to Winston at TourDeFit for the great review of Plant-Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach to Health & Fitness!

From TourDeFit's Blog:

If you’re like me, your image of the typical body-builder or serious competitive athlete entails training for hours on end and eating a lot- specifically high protein foods like lean meats, dairy and eggs. This perception will be forever changed when you pick up a copy of Plant Based Performance: A Compassionate Guide to Health and Fitness.

Edited by our own Health Expert Scott Shetler, this book is a collaboration from some of the best vegan athletes, trainers, and health and fitness professionals in the industry, all of whom have come together to discuss the benefits they’ve found from living plant based lifestyle.

This book was a quick and enjoyable read and taught me a lot about how a plant-based diet can aid athletic performance and overall wellness. I have been skeptical in the past about a vegan athlete’s ability to put on mass, but it’s hard to look at a guy like Patrik Baboumian (“The Vegan Viking”) and still have doubts. Patrik’s is just one of the many stories in this book of vegan athletes who have reached the pinnacle of their sport. There’s also UFC mixed martial arts fighter Mac Danzig, Ironwoman Ruth Heidrich (both featured in the documentary “Forks Over Knives,” Julieanna “The Plant-Based Dietitian” Hever, raw vegan bodybuilder Danny Dalton, ultra-runner Matt Frazier, hip hop recording artist Stic.man of dead prez, former WWE superstar Amy Dumas and many others who share their personal accounts of what the vegan lifestyle has done for them.

One of my favorite chapters was “Protein for Vegans – A Simple Guide to Getting What You Need” by Matt Frazier. This is a seamless, intuitive guide to making sure that you fulfill those important protein needs- something that anyone considering a vegan lifestyle should take a look at!

I would whole-heartedly reccomend this book to anyone interested in plant-based nutrition or even health and fitness in general. And the best part is, 100% of the revenue from this book sale goes to benefitMercy For Animals, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies.

Learn more at www.plantbasedperformance.org.

-TourDeFIT.com Blogger Winston Powell

Stay Healthy!


Now through 11/15 save 20% on "Plant-Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach to Health & Fitness" AND it's important to note that the 20% discount comes out of the print fees so Mercy For Animals still receives their full revenue!

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